Regulated by the FCA, Regent Capital comprises a small and highly-specialised team who have facilitated over £600 million of investment across more than 40 opportunities. Headed by Gideon Lyons and Anna Josse, Regent Capital has more than 100 years of combined business experience.


Gideon Lyons has a background in the financial, media and retail sectors – as an active business owner, entrepreneur and private investor – with a successful and proven track record in structuring sound business opportunities for the Regent Capital client base across each of our business sectors.


Anna Jose has expertise in building operations, relationship management and is highly qualified in the charitable sector, having founded Prism the Gift Fund with the mission of increasing the flow of funds into the charitable sector.



Virginia Beckett is CEO at Regent Capital Plc, where she is responsible for seeking out new commercial property and alternative energy investment and development opportunities UK-wide. Her role involved sourcing funding streams for property investments as well as maintaining an overview of Regent Capital’s extensive UK-wide portfolio of property investments.

In her regeneration including BPRA and EZAs and public sector funding initiatives including the previous role at CBRE Capital Markets, Virginia was responsible for funding and delivering strategic multi-function projects for both the private and public sector, including specialism in tax-driven TIFs and JESSICA. She has wide-ranging experience across all commercial property sectors, including office and industrial, with a particular emphasis on specialist and alternative markets including Hotels, Student Residences, and PRS.

Key recent projects have included working with Muse and Aviva on an income strip forward funding structure for delivery of Marischal Square, @ £107M mixed-use development in Aberdeen, and advising Scottish Power on the consolidation of their occupational property portfolio. Virginia also advised NHS and Scottish Future Trust on Alternatives Structures for delivery of NHS surplus estate in Scotland and European Investment Bank on the Market
Assessment and review of SPRUCE (JESSICA) Fund in Scotland to support the effective testing of the resources of the (SPRUCE) Fund and review of the Fund’s Investment Strategy.



Head of Investor Relations

Caroline is Head of Investor Relations. She is the point of contact for investors and is, responsible for keeping clients updated on their investments and answering any queries. She previously worked as a solicitor in Scotland, where she was involved in a variety of court work, including property and construction disputes.



Regent Capital has formed a partnership with New Resource Partners

Disruption in energy markets is opening up new revenue streams in energy and property. To capitalise on the opportunity this presents for our investors, Regent Capital has formed a joint venture with New Resource Partners. New Resource Partners advise on energy transition including renewables, smart energy infrastructure (SEI), local energy markets, and the confluence of property and energy.


Director – New Resource Partners

Nick Gibbins has worked in government and the private sector since 2000. Prior to co-founding NRP in 2012, Nick was part of Jones Lang LaSalle’s European sustainability consultancy, leading projects advising global investors on energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has held various positions in UK government involving the development and implementation of environmental policy, embedding sustainability into the lending strategies of EU public banks, and advising on the incorporation of renewable energy into urban master plans. Nick has an MSc in International Relations and Development from the University of London.


Director – New Resource Partners

Hugo Chandler has worked worldwide in renewables for 18 years. He led the grid integration of renewables programme at the International Energy Agency (IEA), publishing its first book on the subject in 2009; and was the agency’s lead on wind energy. Prior to that, Hugo established the European Technology Platform for Wind Energy at the European Wind Energy Association in Brussels, where he worked with many of the originators of the modem wind industry. Hugo has an MSc in energy technology from Imperial College. He co-founded New Resource Partners in 2012.



Virginia is responsible for seeking out new renewable and smart energy investment and project development opportunities UK-wide. Previously at CBRE, Virginia was responsible for funding property projects with a specialism in tax-driven regeneration initiatives and has wide-ranging experience across all commercial property sectors. Virginia divides her time between London and NRP’s Scottish office. Virginia is also CEO of Regent Capital PLC, where her role involves sourcing funding streams for and creating a property investment ‘opportunities, as well as maintaining an overview of Regent Capital’s extensive UK wide portfolio of property investments.

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