Regent Capital

Regent Capital creates bespoke UK-based investment opportunities in commercial property, and local energy, tailored to a range of investors, including; entrepreneurial, high net-worth clients, private family office and institutional investors.

Since 2004, Regent Capital has enabled the funding of over £500,000,000 of commercial property, comprising more than a million square feet including Grade A office space, city centre hotels, and distribution hubs.

Regent Capital’s focus has been predominantly in regeneration areas, with the majority of projects delivered across the north of England and Central Scotland. They have developed and funded renovations of existing city centre office buildings, including listed buildings, new grade A offices, hotels, business parks and distribution hubs.

Real Estate + Energy

Regent Capital’s investors have helped seed and grow wind farm developments, delivering over 100 Megawatts of renewable energy. That’s enough to power more than 50,000 homes. As a result, Regent Capital enjoys a network of relationships allowing us to access a broad spectrum of renewable energy investments.

The transition to Net Zero and the disruption in energy markets is opening up new revenue streams in energy and property. To capitalise on the opportunity this presents for our investors, Regent Capital has formed a joint venture with New Resource Partners (NRP). NRP specialise in the  energy transition including renewables, smart energy infrastructure (SEI), and local energy, assessing and developing investable projects for investors, governments and large energy users in the UK and overseas.

As part of a consortium led by NRP, Regent Capital is working on an Innovate UK funded project, Local Energy Exchange for Liverpool (LEX). LEX will provide the opportunity for local energy asset owners to trade energy services among themselves and with grid operators, reducing their cost of energy, creating new revenues, and stimulating further investment in local energy assets.

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